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GlassDesigner Zdeněk Kunst

Zdeněk Kunst

Zdeněk Kunst was born in Havlíčkův Brod in 1955.

He finished Glass technical school in Kamenický Šenov in 1974 - branch of glass cutting (Master Mr. P. Werner).

In 1981-1994 he was a designer of the glass cutting in Glass Bohemia in Světlá nad Sázavou. He creates new designs especially in an asssortment of coloured cased plumbic crystal.

The collection of black cased glass gained gold medal in the International fair of consumer´s goods in Brno in 1987.

1989 - intership at Bohemia Rappresentanze company in Milan.

1992 - short-term intership at Meiwa company in Japan.

1995 - 2008 - head designer of Glass works CAESAR CRYSTAL in Josefodol.

Since 2008 - glass artist.


Since 1985 he has dedicated not only to his own production but also to the industrial designs. He has created simply shaped crystal objects (24% PbO), also works with colored enamel (colored sculpture). Poured blocks into metal forms get clear form by accurate cutting. Massive cutting interferences give the plastics its refraction and optics - typical elements for plumbic glass. Air bubles create process in a clear mass and give activity to the molten glass. The inspiration of his objects is mostly nature or space themes simplified to a certain symbol suitable for converting into the glass.

We can also meet with Zdeněk Kunst´s production except his own production at honouring of characters and teams in sport, health services and credits of quality. He is an author and a producer of trophies for the best Czech tennis players - The Golden Canary. The Czech institute for the credit of quality honours with his plastics the organizations and the individuals who deserve for the quality in different branches every year. The National health institution has used his crystal trophies for its internal competition.


1992 - The Correlations, House of Arts, Brno.

1993 - The Glassmakers of Highlands, Nové Město na Moravě.

1994 - Galerie Na Valech, Kutná Hora (together with Exnar and Steller).

1999 - The glass objects, State castle Kámen (individual).

2005 - Exnar, Kunst, Machek, Town gallery Brielle, Holland.

2020 - Galerie Na Půdě, Světlá Nad Sázavou (samostatná).

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